80% LVR Home LoanHome loan at 80 LVR

80% LVR home loan is the benchmark LVR home loan to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) in Australia for most full doc loans. Hence when taking up a home loan at 80% LVR, you will require 20% deposit or equity contribution.

Lenders who offer 80% LVR home loans

Most lenders in Australia offer 80% LVR home loans. This LVR is widely accepted by most financial institutions on their own risk with no need for lenders mortgage insurance. These lenders include:

  1. Major Banks
  2. Regional Banks
  3. Non Australian Banks
  4. Non Bank Lenders
  5. Credit Union
  6. Building Societies
  7. Non Conforming Lenders
  8. Finance Companies
  9. Mortgage Managers

Loans Available at 80% LVR

Most residential home loans are available at 80% LVR. As long as you provide suitable enough security, you would be able to get an 80% LVR home loan. The loan products you could get at 80% LVR include:

  1. Basic Home Loan
  2. Standard Variable Home Loan
  3. Honeymoon Home Loan
  4. 100% Offset Home Loan
  5. Line of Credit Home Loan
  6. Bad Credit Home Loan
  7. Guarantor Home Loan
  8. Low Doc Home Loan
  9. Probation Home Loan
  10. Fixed Home Loan
  11. Professional Package Home Loan
  12. Construction Home Loan
  13. Commercial Loan

80% LVR Low Doc Loan

It is possible to get a Low Doc Loan at 80% LVR with many lenders in Australia. The policy at 80% LVR for a Low Doc Loan can differ between lenders considerably, but you will find many different products and policies available for an 80% LVR Low Doc Loan. Its best to talk with a Mortgage Providers broker here as we can guide you through the lenders that best suite your needs.

Interest rates for 80% LVR Home Loans

With an 80% LVR home loan, it is possible to get some better pricing than higher LVR home loans with some lenders. This has come about after the GFC of 2008 when many lenders sought more loans at lowers LVR’s as it lowered their whole borrowing costs, and reduced them to risk exposure.

Costs for 80% LVR home loan

Many lenders who offer 80% LVR home loans offer similar costing to loans above 80% LVR. The main savings with an 80% LVR home loan is the avoidance of LMI. Further, many lenders will waive start up fees for an 80% LVR home loan. If you are considering an 80% LVR home loan, it’s best to speak to a Mortgage Providers consultant who can guide you to the best and most cost effective lender.

80% LVR Home loan with Bad credit?

Most bad credit lenders will approve most bad credit loans at 80% LVR or lower. As 80% LVR is a good benchmark to mitigate risk, you will find most lenders who accept bad credit will consider a home loan at 80% LVR.

Commercial Loan at 80% LVR?

You can get a commercial loan at 80% LVR with 2-3 lenders in Australia. Please look up 80% LVR commercial loan page for further information, or likewise call one of our Mortgage Providers consultants. This loan type is available for both full doc and low doc loans secured by commercial property.

At Mortgage Providers, we can provide you with the most updated loan information relating to 80% LVR Home Loans. We can guide you through to the cheapest and most cost effective product at an LVR of 80%. Call us today if you would like an 80% LVR Home Loan on 1300 656 600.