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Do you need finance for your car yard?

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You may have many questions. Here we address some of the questions you may have.

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What can I borrow?

Depending on whether you are purchasing the car yard freehold or leasehold, the LVR that you will be able to borrow will vary:

  • where you are borrowing freehold (that is buying the property) you can borrow up to 70% of the yard’s value, however, if you guarantee the loan with another property some lenders will allow you to borrow 100% of the value of the yard.
  • Where you are only purchasing the business, you may be able to borrow up to 50% of the business’ value.
  • The maximum loan terms most lenders offer is limited to 20 years in some cases.
  • Some banks may look at loans over the amount of $5 milion, depending on individual circumstances.

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Am I eligible?

In order get this type of loan approved, you will need to have:

  • A business plan detailing how you forecast cash flow and any potential competition
  • You will need to provide evidence of your qualification to run a car-yard
  • At least the last 2 years financials for yourself and your business
  • Evidence that you have managerial experience in a dealership
  • Your income will need to be at least 1.5 to 2 times more than the potential interest that will be accrued on the loan
  • Explanation for any defaults or adverse bureau present on your credit report

We can also do a low doc loan for a yard with a select number of lenders.

How do banks assess my loan?

  • Banks will consider where the location of the dealership is going to be.
  • Some banks will want to see that where you are just buying freehold that the tenant has signed a lease for at least 5 years. Background on the tenant is important
  • Whether you are just offering the car yard as security or whether you are also offering another standard residential or commercial security
  • Banks will consider whether the yard you are buying is specialised- potentially making it more difficult to sell if you were to default on your loan.

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