Interest Rate Comparison

There are many lenders in Australia who offer top pricing based on loan amounts and LVR's. There are also many different rates which can be sourced by a very experienced broker who knows how to obtain pricing from lenders.

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Variable Home Loans

Loan Product
Interest Rate
Comparison Rate
Contact Us
Basic/Discount Variable2.19%2.21%Enquire Online
Professional Package2.24%2.27%Enquire Online
Offset Loan2.29%2.64%Enquire Online
Line of Credit2.94%3.04%Enquire Online

Fixed Home Loans

Fixed Loan Term
Interest Rate
Comparison Rate
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1 Year Fixed1.98%2.47%Enquire Online
2 Year Fixed1.89%2.37%Enquire Online
3 Year Fixed1.94%2.31%Enquire Online
4 Year Fixed1.89%2.84%Enquire Online
5 Year Fixed1.99%2.99%Enquire Online
10 Year Fixed3.99%4.15%Enquire Online

Low Doc Home Loans

Loan Type
Interest Rate
Comparison Rate
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Variable2.29%2.33%Enquire Online
1 Year Fixed1.99%3.03%Enquire Online
2 Year Fixed1.99%2.97%Enquire Online
3 Year Fixed1.99%2.94%Enquire Online
5 Year Fixed2.29%2.93%Enquire Online

Line of Credit

2.94%3.01%Enquire Online


Loan Type
Interest Rate
Comparison Rate
Contact Us
Variable4.09%N/AEnquire Online
1 Year Fixed4.19%N/AEnquire Online
2 Year Fixed4.29%N/AEnquire Online
3 Year Fixed4.39%N/AEnquire Online
4 Year Fixed4.49%N/aEnquire Online
5 Year Fixed4.59%N/AEnquire Online

Commercial Loan

The below commercial rates are what we have recently obtained for some of our clients and do not necessarily represent carded rates

Loan Type
Interest Rate
Comparison Rate
Contact Us
1 Year Fixed1.95%N/AEnquire Online
2 Year Fixed1.95%N/AEnquire Online
3 Year Fixed2.69%N/AEnquire Online
Commercial Variable1.95%N/AEnquire Online
Line Of Credit3.95%N/AEnquire Online
Commercial Lease Doc2.98%N/AEnquire Online
Commercial Low Doc2.95%


Enquire Online
Commercial Private Loan3.59%N/AEnquire Online
Commercial No Doc4.10%N/AEnquire Online

These rate comparisons are correct for a loan amount of $150000 over 25 year terms for residential property facilities. The above scenarios could change and have additional fees and charges subject to each lenders terms and conditions.