Vacant Land Loans

Vacant Land Loans

Vacant residential land loans are generally treated as normal loans by most lenders in Australia. Therefore, when you offer vacant land as security, you will be able to get a standard or normal loan as if the property was a fully built house.

Maximum LVR for Vacant Land Loan

The maximum LVR for a vacant land loan is 95% LVR. This high LVR for vacant land can be found with a small select number of lenders at normal interest rates and fees cost.

Generally, most lenders will lend you up to 90% LVR on standalone vacant land as security.

Vacant Land Loan

Interest rates of Vacant Land Loans

It is possible to get normal home loan pricing for a vacant land loan. This could also allow you to have discount applied to your home loan where you could save thousands of dollars on your loan over the term for a large enough loan.

Loan products for Vacant Land Loans

An extensive range of loan product types are available for vacant land loans. These can include any of the following types of loans ranging from:

  1. Professional package loan
  2. Standard variable loan
  3. Fixed rate home loan
  4. Basic home loan
  5. 100% offset loan
  6. Guarantor home loan
  7. Probation home loan
  8. Line of credit loan
  9. Low doc loan
  10. No genuine savings loan
  11. Refinance home loan
  12. Bad credit loan
  13. Construction loans

Do I have to build or construct on Vacant Land?

Some lenders will take vacant land security with no need to construct on the property in the short or long term.

However, there are some lenders who will require you to build a house on the property, for example, within 6-12 months of settlement. When choosing a vacant land lender, one should consider this aspect as it could force you to refinance or change lenders within 12 months of settlement if you have no intention of building on it.

Residential Vacant Land Loan

Can LMI be waived on Vacant Land Loan?

You could have Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) waived on a vacant land loan to 85% LVR. This will save you thousands of dollars if handled with the correct lender and the right approach. It’s best to speak to a Mortgage Providers broker to help you with getting the LMI waived.

Maximum land size of Vacant Land Loan

A lender will treat a vacant land loan as a normal policy loan for a property no larger than 125 acres. This high lending ratio can be found in Australia and will allow you to borrow up to 90% LVR. Further you will be able to get a normal type of interest rate for this type of security.

Suburb or location restrictions for Vacant Land Loans

Some lenders will restrict which areas they lend to on vacant land loans and to what LVR they will lend for particular areas.

However, there are a very small number of lenders who will have no post code or location restrictions and lend up to 95% LVR for any area in Australia.

Low Doc Vacant Land Loan?

You could get a low doc vacant land loan with several different lenders. The lender who offer this type of loan use different low doc assessment methods which can include any of the following:

  1. Low Doc with BAS
  2. Low Doc with no BAS
  3. Low Doc with Accountants Letter
  4. Trading Accounts Low Doc
  5. Income Declaration Low Doc

At Mortgage Providers we have access to many lenders who will consider your loan with vacant land as the sole security. We can get your loan priced like a normal type of loan no matter where the property is located.