One Year Tax Return Loan

One year tax return home loan

When applying for a mortgage, it is possible to obtain a home loan by showing only the most recent year’s tax return.

The one year tax return policy exists with a small number of lenders and is traditionally more easier to asses income policy as it reflects the most recent year’s income when applying for a loan. See also two year tax return loan.

One year tax return home loan

Benefits of using 1 year tax returns

Providing only one years’ tax return when applying for a loan is easier than providing 2 years’ worth of tax returns traditionally requested from most lenders. This policy allows you use you the ability to do the following;

  • Minimise paper work
  • Simplified credit assessment
  • Use company profits in servicing assessment
  • Use addbacks in the most recent years tax return
  • Access the medical professional home loan package
  • Use most recent year’s income rather than averaging the 2 previous years which in most cases usually brings you lower average income. If you had previous year loss, this could negatively affect your overall servicing position.
Year 1 Year 2




Income considered


$120,000 (average of two year figures)

The above table demonstrates that using the most recent years' income will give an additional $20,000 in income which can be used to determine the serviceability of your loan.

Max LVR for a 1 year tax return loan

Maximum LVR for a one year tax return loan is as follows

Lenders who offer one year tax return loan

There are only a handful of lenders offering 1 year tax return loan. These include the following type of lenders

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Non-Bank lenders

Types of loans available for a loan using one year tax returns

You can get any of the following loan types showing 1 year tax return loans

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