Two Year Tax Return Loan

Two years tax return home loan

Taking out a home loan using 2 years' tax return is the most common type of position most lenders take.

This traditionally allows lenders to look for consistency in your income over 2 financial years when conducting a serviceability assessment on your loan application. These loans are for people who are self-employed with active ABN or trading businesses or companies. See also one year tax return loan.

Type of income used in serviceability with 2 years tax returns

The income used in assessing a loan with 2 years tax returns or financials are as follows:

  • Average income between 2 years
  • Company profits
  • Addbacks
  • Rental income
  • Non recurring expense
  • Interest addbacks
Two year tax return

Lenders that consider 2 years income tax returns

The majority of lenders take into consideration 2 years income when assessing a loans servicing position. These include:

  • Major banks
  • Smaller banks
  • Credit Unions & Building Societies
  • Non-bank lenders like finance companies

Assessment approach or servicing rules

In general, most lenders take the average of the 2 years' income.

Some lenders will look at 2 years income and consider taking the most recent years provided it’s NOT higher by more than 20% from the previous year’s income. This can be useful as it avoids the average rule which can lower you borrowing capacity.

See example below:

Year 1 Year 2




Income considered


$120,000 (average of two year figures)

Requirements for 2 years tax return loan

The general requirements for supporting documents for a 2 years tax return loan are as follows:

  • 2 years tax return.
  • Financials to include profit & loss & balance sheets.
  • Proof of rental income.
  • Notice of Assessment (NOA). This is not required by all lenders.
  • Clear Integrated Client Account (ICA Tax portals).

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