Low Doc Loan with BAS

What is a low doc loan with BAS?

A low doc loan with BAS (Business Activity Statements) allows a lender to verify the client’s income declaration that was made on the affordability statement.

How does a low doc loan with BAS work?

During the assessment for affordability under a low doc loan with BAS, a lender will look at the client’s income declaration which has been supplied in the application. If a client were to declare an income then that would need to be verified by looking at the client’s business turnover.

As a guide, most lenders will look at the gross annual turnover using the 50% rule. For example, if a person had a gross turnover of $220,000 p.a., then a lender will consider a maximum of 50% of the gross turnover to be a declared income. So in this case, a lender will assume that the client’s maximum income will be $110,000.

Low doc loan with BAS

Assessment methods for low doc loan with BAS

Not all lenders use the 50% income declaration rule for a low doc with BAS loan. Some lenders have gone as far as segmenting different professions and making different brackets for assessing that person’s self employed field using a with BAS low doc policy. As an example people who work in property sales roles come under a formula of 70%, health care professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors at 63%, construction at 51%, cafes and restaurant owners at 32% etc.

The above highlights, and is a small example, that the 50% rule can be used as a guide but is not always the most useful rule as other formulas can be more flexible or detrimental in particular scenarios.

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