Bluestone provide home and investment loans to people who don’t fit the lending criteria of traditional mortgage lenders.

They understand that every person is different, and have developed a range of products to suit their situation.

Bluestone caters for both clear credit and credit impaired customers. In Australia, we estimate that one in four people are unable to obtain a mortgage from a traditional lender. Often this is through no fault of their own.

Bluestone is in the business of assisting people with a wide range of circumstances, those with moderate to severe credit-related problems, recent immigrants, older borrowers, and contract or seasonal workers.

Bluestone offers specialised and flexible alternatives for the self employed customer who often can’t get the loan they want, usually due to being unable to produce satisfactory financial statements. Many have no credit impairment issues. They may have a successful business, but simply can’t show enough profit in the current year to qualify for the mortgage they want from a traditional lender.