20% Deposit Home Loan

Benefits of 20% deposit home loan

For most full doc loans, a 20% deposit is the benchmark to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This will save you thousands of dollars. Additionally, when you have a 20% deposit, it opens up more options for you and more competitive rates.

What type of loan can I apply for with 20% deposit?

Most residential home loans are available with a 20% deposit. As long as you provide suitable enough security, you would be able to get an 80% LVR home loan. The loan products you could get at 80% LVR include:

  1. Basic Home Loan
  2. Standard Variable Home Loan
  3. Honeymoon Home Loan
  4. 100% Offset Home Loan
  5. Bad Credit Home Loan
  6. Guarantor Home Loan
  7. Low Doc Home Loan
  8. Probation Home Loan
  9. Fixed Rate Home Loan
  10. Professional Package Home Loan
  11. Construction Home Loan
  12. Commercial Loan

20% deposit home loan

Which lender can I apply to?

When you can show you have 20% deposit, you will be able to successfully apply for a loan with most lenders in Australia with no need for lenders mortgage insurance. These lenders include:

  1. Major Banks
  2. Regional Banks
  3. Non Australian Banks
  4. Non Bank Lenders
  5. Credit Union
  6. Building Societies
  7. Non Conforming Lenders
  8. Finance Companies
  9. Mortgage Managers

If I don't have 20% deposit?

You can still buy a property without a 20% deposit and elect to pay LMI with a low deposit loan. Additionally, you can buy a property with

20% home loan deposit FAQ's

Yes, it is possible to get a low doc loan when you have 20% deposit. Whilst the policies can differ between lenders considerably, you will find many different products are available for a 20% deposit low doc loan. It's best to talk with a Mortgage Providers broker as we can guide you through to the lenders that best suite your needs.

The main benefit of having 20% deposit is that you will avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance. Further, many lenders will waive start up fees when you provide 20% deposit. Our brokers will guide you to the best lender to maximise your savings!

Most bad credit lenders will approve most bad credit loans with 20% deposit. An 80% LVR is a good benchmark to mitigate risk, so you will find most lenders who accept bad credit will consider a home loan application with 20% deposit.

When you have 20% deposit, you will have access to a wide range of lenders. With Mortgage Providers, we will guide you through to the cheapest and most cost effective product at an LVR of 80%. Call us today if you would like an 80% LVR home loan on 1300 656 600.