Refinance a Private Loan

Looking to refinance with a private lender?

If you’re considering refinancing your loan and have not had any success with the big banks then a private mortgage could be a suitable funding solution for you. They specialise in offering “hard-to-do” loans to businesses and the self-employed. With a private mortgage, the lender will focus primarily on the asset being offered as security.

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Benefits of a private mortgage

While a private mortgage is not for everyone there are some genuine advantages to consider when refinancing your existing loan such as;

  • They provide fast short term finance solutions so that you can get back to business
  • No forms or locked-in servicing calculators
  • Ability to refinance loans which do not have perfect repayment history like judgements, defaults and arrears
  • Applications are assessed quickly
  • Loans settled and funded quickly
  • Fewer application documents required
  • No credit checks

How does it work?

  • Private lenders take a common sense approach when assessing applications as they are not required to follow strict rule-based lending criteria like the banks.
  • Private lenders offer both full and low docs options.
  • Private lenders will accept a Letter of Conduct (from other lender) rather than a loan statement as proof of repayment history.
  • Can refinance bank, non-bank, private, non-conforming and solicitor loans.
  • Loan applications are manually assessed and lenders take a personalised common sense approach.

If you are seeking a specialist funding solution, we can help by taking the time to understand your individual needs and will help you find you the right loan solution.